The Influence of E-Cigarette and E-Liquid Products

In recent years, the number of vape shops has been increasing dramatically. Yet, not many studies have examined what smoking/vaping behaviors and vaping preferences vape shop customers have and the reasons they patronize vape shops.


The Use of Electronic Cigarettes

The growing attention towards electronic cigarettes or e-cigs in recent years is conditioned by the rising sales and contentious harm-reduction debates. According to recent data, most e-cigusers are current and former cigarette smokers, and the e-cig use among adult smokers is increasing. Many smokers believe these products aren’t as risky as cigarettes. There are smokers who use them as an alternative to cigarettes.


When it to comes to physicians, they don’t recommend e-cigarettes over traditional cessation methods, but they might recommend e-cigarettes in the future if there is enough proof suggesting effectiveness these products.


It’s important to note that patients turn to physicians to makeinquiries about e-cigarettes. A recent study shows that while individuals reported they’d received lots of information from TV, Internet, etc., physicians were the most trusted source of information for most people interested in e-cigarettes.


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E-Cigarette Users and Vape Shops

The research in the field shows that customers value the atmosphere and knowledgeable staff at vape shops. The results of such studies play an important role in the investigation into the effects of unique characteristics of vape shops on smoking and vaping behaviors of its patrons. This is valuable both for clinical research and tobacco regulation.


E-cig smokers having participated in the latest research report:

  • Health and the need to quit/reduce smoking as the most important reasons for initiating e-cigarette use
  • Nearly 62% are biochemically-verified smoking abstinent
  • 100% are using the latest e-cigarette devices
  • 91% enjoy vaping more as compared to smoking
  • 80% prefer non-tobacco e-cigarette flavors
  • 60% would still vape if the only flavor available was tobacco
  • “Battery life,” “tastes good,” and “curbs cravings” as the most important e-cigarette features
  • “Feels/looks like traditional cigarette” as the least important feature
  • 85%prefer to buy e-cigarette supplies at vapor shops because of “access to staff who can help troubleshoot e-cigarette problems,” and 74% “enjoy the atmosphere.”


As for smoking addiction warnings, exposure to e-cigarette ads or packaging with nicotine and addiction warnings might make individuals perceive e-cigarettes as risky, thus resulting in reduced willingness to try e-cigs. However, 2 recent studies with differing methodologies revealed that e-cig addiction warnings might account for limited impact.


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